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Lettering & Edge Tips
Many of our customers inquired us which lettering is the most popular, and also which edge is better for Hawaiian Jewelry. Well our answers are black enamel lettering for rings, and raised polished letters for bangles, all with diamond cut edge.

Hawaii Jewelry
We design and manufacture the latest style of Hawaiian heirloom jewelry. If you don't see the fashion and style that you are searching for, Please visit again soon, We are constantly updating our products.

Our goal is to offer a very easy shopping experience for custom made Hawaiian jewelry through a fast and secure web interface with just a click away. We are more experienced than almost anyone in the business. We are also still one of the leading manufacturers for affordable and top quality Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry.
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Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry 14K Gold Hawaiian Diamonds Wedding Rings Engagement Rings are All Custom Made as low as
Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry 14K Gold Hawaiian Diamonds Wedding Rings Engagement Rings are All Custom Made as low as
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Hawaiian Jewelry 10mm 14K Gold Rich Royal Bamboo Design Hawaiian Bracelets Bangles with Bamboo Cutout Edge are All Custom Made as low as
it is extremely impressed by the quality of workmanship and ..
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About Hawaiian Jewelry Shop
To our customers, the name Hawaiian Jewelry Shop can mean many things, For some it's a great shopping experience, finding all the Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry they are passionate about. For others still, it's the ability to produce high quality Hawaiian Jewelry to all Hawaiian Jewelry lovers.

Whatever the reason, this is your Hawaiian Jewelry home. Our mission is to delight our value customer by providing a best of the best custom made Hawaiian Jewelry for all the things you like to shop.

And we are uniquely qualified to do so, hawaiianjewelryshop.com is the web to represents our factory for Custom-Made Hawaiian Jewelry, the leading custom-made Hawaiian Jewelry providing of many local retail stores in Honolulu, Hawaii and other retailers in United States. we has a foundation of 17 years of experience and trust in the Hawaiian Jewelry market while at the same time striving to move Hawaiian Jewelry into the future. We are continuing and expanding that unyielding commitment to product quality and exceptional customer service by offering Top quality custom-made Hawaiian Jewelry from Hawaiian Jewelry Shop.

We are headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Hawaiian Jewelry Shop web team is dedicated to bringing you the very best Hawaiian Jewelry from the very best makers on the market. We provide unique products and are working on many new items to make your shopping experience fulfill of joy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. So come back often. Your home is always open.
About Hawaiian Jewelry Shop
About Hawaiian Jewelry Shop About Hawaiian Jewelry Shop About Hawaiian Jewelry Shop
Carving pattern on a new bangleAdjustment on a diamond ring mountPolishing after inscription engraved
About Hawaiian Jewelry ShopAbout Hawaiian Jewelry ShopAbout Hawaiian Jewelry Shop
Engraving onto a new bandPolishing surface before carveRe-carving after re-sized
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